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Why Your Story Should Be Heard

I didn't used to be nearly as comfortable with woo.

What's woo? Woo's the part of me that can sit in emotion, thinks vulnerability is our greatest asset, and is a big old Brene Brown fangirl.

Last week, I went to see Frank Warren (creator of PostSecret, an on-again-off-again blog crush of mine) speak, and hearing his story gave me a holy-whoa-aha-moment reminder of the power of sharing our narratives.

(See? We're getting woo already. Just go with it.)

Postcards mailed to PostSecret are anonymous, but my fave part of this event was when audience members stepped up to mics scattered around the theater to share their own secrets.

After each speaker, Frank asked the audience to raise their hands if they had a similar story. Every time, several dozen hands went up.

Being vulnerable with 700 PostSecret fans is different than being vulnerable with seven other women, but the impact's the same: you get to own up to who you are with no judgment.

You get really listened to.

You learn you're not alone with the story you've been carrying around like a backpack. It makes you stand up taller.

Photo by Kristina Frost

And all the folks whose hands went up learn they're not alone either, even if they weren't the ones at the mic.

Here's my promise: if you're an at-the-mic kind of person, there'll be space to share on your next Trail Mavens trip.

If you're a listener, you'll get to learn from the stories that get shared.

And in my book, there's nothing more powerful than that.

Over and Out,
Sasha, Founder