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Maven Memoir: Eirinn, Your Funniest New Friend

I wasn't on Eirinn's first Trail Mavens trip, but through a stroke of luck, she ended up in the Bay Area the weekend we tackled the Dipsea Trail back in August, and I got to meet her there. I'd heard she was awesome from her guides, Caitlin and Yana, but I didn't know quite how awesome until we spent some time chatting on the trail.

If you have the chance to hang with Eirinn, the first thing you'll notice is probably her giant, friendly smile. After that, you'll quickly learn she's a fearless go-getter (she moved across the country to pursue a career in film), she has fabulous sense of humor (check out her shorts on Funny or Die, or her new web series, My Life Worked Out), and she ponders the bigger questions in life (just read her thoughts below). We'll let her take it from here!

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Maven Memoir: Krupa, the (Amazing) First-Timer

Krupa first heard about Trail Mavens from a mutual friend (shout out to Sam McG in NYC!), and because she's the kind of person who says 'Yes' - yes to moving across the country from New Jersey even though she didn't know anyone in California, yes to cycling 100km a day around Vietnam, you get the idea - she said yes to a Trail Mavens adventure.

She'd never been backpacking before, but took on a three-day trip in Yosemite over Labor Day, covering nearly two dozen miles with a 40lb. pack on her back. Amazing? Undoubtedly. Here's what she had to say about her experience.

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Maven Memoir: Natasha, Story Creator, Wise Woman, and Mama

Confession time: now that I'm not the only Trail Mavens guide, I suffer from serious FOMO when I hear about the amazing women who attend trips I'm not leading. Case in point: when Jess (our guide profiled last week) started talking about this wonderful gal and storyteller named Natasha from her early April Big Sur adventure, I immediately wanted to meet her myself, and then proceeded to talk her ear off over the phone for over an hour (and all this over her son's bedtime)!

Natasha is every bit as thoughtful, intelligent, and all-around lovely as I'd heard from Jess, and her talent for storytelling and wordplay is abundantly clear in her beautiful writing. I dare you not to want to hang out with her after reading this.

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