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Field Notes: Hendy Woods

We took a lot of notes on our last Trail Mavens trip to Hendy Woods. Put together the brains of eight smart, opinionated women, and you'll wind up with stories, recommendations, and ideas for days. Here are a fraction of our takeaways from the trip, distilled. For the whole shebang, visit the trip recap page here!

To Watch: Ellen on GoGurt, otters holding hands

To Read (for Inspiration): You Are a Badass, What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20, The Quarter-Life Breakthrough

To Patronize (for Persian food lovers): MayakadehLavashAlborz (in that order)

To Read and Eat: Kinfolk, the magazine and the Bernal restaurant

To Sweat: Daybreaker, Barry's Bootcamp

To Stay On Top of News: The Skimm

To Hike In/Near SF: Land's End, Huddart Park, Matt Davis/Steep Ravine Loop, Bass Lake

To Buy: MSR Hubba Hubba tent

To Stay: Brewery Gulch Inn (Mendocino), St. Orres (Gualala)