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Trip Recap: Skyline to the Sea

Skyline to the Sea is one of those trips that tops every Bay Area backpacker's must-hike list. The vistas on day one plus the huge redwoods on day two plus the gorgeous creekside trail on day three add up to an amazing adventure.

At 34+ miles over three days, Skyline to the Sea is also the most physically ambitious trip Trail Mavens has undertaken. Don't let the elevation loss fool you - there are plenty of hills, not to mention the toll that downhill hiking can take on your quads, ankles, knees and toes. We had two first-time backpackers on our trip, and guess what? They were ROCK STARS.

Everyone was a rock star, for that matter; we had a former outdoors trip leader who dropped all kinds of gear knowledge, a semi-pro arborist who taught us about the trees around us, and stellar attitudes all around. Check out the photo and video evidence of our epic weekend.

Think you might want to try Skyline to the Sea yourself? Download the Trail Mavens Guide to Skyline to the Sea for tips on reservations, packing, transportation, and meal-planning.