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Trip Recap: Friends, Food, and Fun in Butano State Park

We just got back from our Food Lovers adventure in Butano State Park, and it. Was. Magical. First things first: a clarification on pronunciation. Though I've said 'Boo-TAH-no' for years, it is, in fact, 'BYOO-tuh-no.' 

Second, let's take a moment to marvel at how a small, awesome group of women from as far as Chicago can come together to tackle an eight mile hike, learn Dutch oven cooking techniques, harvest eggs, roast eggplants over an open flame, bake apple pies, relax on the beach, make ricotta cheese, bake monkey bread, and get nine hours of sleep - all in one weekend.

Trail Mavens' adventure in farm/foodie paradise was a delight for the senses, but especially our taste buds. Check it out!