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Skill-based camping and backpacking trips for groups of extraordinary women. Ready to build fires, read maps, pitch tents, hike, laugh, and drink wine around the campfire? Join one of our weekend adventures.

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Please rate your abilities in the following skills.
Free hint: you'll be working in teams to come up with lesson plans for each of these topics this weekend! We know you're probably pretty good at all of these, but try to differentiate a bit so we can assign you to the stuff you feel *most* awesome at.
I feel confident teaching tent site selection and pitching.
I feel confident teaching LNT.
I feel confident teaching backpack packing & fitting.
I feel confident teaching map reading & navigation.
I feel confident teaching stove use, outdoor cooking, & backcountry food storage.
I feel confident teaching water purification methods.
I feel confident teaching fire building & safety.
I feel confident teaching lady-specific backcountry hygiene.
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Emergency Contact Number
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