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Yosemite Backpacking 

September 14-16, 2018

Trip Details & Action Items

Hi Ladies! Pretty soon you'll be heading for the Nation's first (and greatest) national park to challenge yourself on the trail. Between the insane views, fantastic company, and the satisfaction of a hot meal after a big hike, it's hard to predict what will be the most memorable part! We hope you're getting as excited as we are.

This page includes all the logistical information for your specific trip. The rest of the details you'll need to prepare for this adventure, including the all important PACKING LIST, can be found on the venue overview page:

Your Leaders

SLee & Becky.jpg


are pumped to play with you all outdoors. If you have any questions the day of the trip, you can reach Sarah Lee at (541) 510-0473. If you need anything between now and then, just email!

Getting There

Meeting Location

Big Oak Flat Information Station in Yosemite

6107 Big Oak Flat Rd, Groveland, CA 95321

Meeting Time

10am on Friday, September 14th



Lindsey and Morgan are our amazing drivers on this trip! (Shout out to Stacia, who also volunteered to drive). Everyone else, shower them with love/affection/high fives. We'll send out separate emails to each carpooling group so you can exchange phone numbers, and start coordinating pickup times and locations.

Car 1: morgan, lisa, & Elizabeth

You can all meet up in San Francisco.

Car 2: Lindsey, Stacia, & Madigan

Madigan, plan to grab an Uber/Lyft out of Menlo Park to meet up with Lindsey and Stacia in Oakland.


Each driver should be reimbursed $100 for gas/tolls/wear and tear.

Lisa, Elizabeth, Stacia, and Madigan, please be ready with $50 via cash or Venmo for your driver.

You're also responsible for the Yosemite park entrance fees, which are currently $30 per car. If you have a National Park pass, awesome! You're covered. Otherwise, be sure to factor this cost into reimbursements, depending on who pays for the car you're in.

For full details on how carpools and reimbursements work, check out our Transportation FAQ.

What to Expect When You Arrive

When you arrive at Big Oak Flat Information Station, you’ll have quick introductions with the rest of the group, your guides will pick up permits and hand out maps, then you’ll caravan to the Sunrise Lakes trailhead (56 mins. away).

You’ll unload and spread out food and gear to distribute, and pack everything up into your backpacks. Your guides will teach you best practices for packing and fitting a backpack. After opening ceremonies, you’ll hit the trail in the early afternoon.

What to Bring

The full packing list for clothes and other personal items can be found on the Yosemite Backpacking Venue Overview

Gear Needs

The following is what you indicated you need provided during registration:

Name Borrow from Trail Mavens Bring Your Own
Morgan 60+L backpack; Hiking poles Sleeping bag; Sleeping pad; Headlamp; *Mess kit
Lisa Sleeping bag; Sleeping pad; Headlamp; 60+L backpack *Sleeping bag liner; *Mess kit
Lindsey Nada Sleeping bag; Sleeping pad; Headlamp; *60+L backpack; *Mess kit
Madigan Sleeping bag; Sleeping pad; Headlamp *Sleeping bag liner; *60+L backpack; *Mess kit
Stacia Sleeping bag; Sleeping pad; Headlamp; 60+L backpack *Sleeping bag liner; *Mess kit
Elizabeth Sleeping pad Sleeping bag; Headlamp; *60+L backpack; *Mess kit

*Notes on Gear

Sleeping Bag Liner

Examples here. Required if you're borrowing one of our sleeping bags, to keep it fresh for the next Maven!

60+L Backpack

In addition to your own gear, you'll need to carry a share of group gear, and likely a full-size bear canister. If you own a backpack that's smaller than 60L, you'll need to borrow one of ours for this trip.

Mess Kit

A Tupperware container with lid, heat-proof cup or mug, and spork is just fine.


If any of your gear needs have changed, please email ASAP. We won’t be able to make any changes to our packing list (food or gear) after WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th.

Backpack Sizing

Morgan, Lisa, and Stacia: you indicated you need us to provide you with a pack. A pack should fit you the way a pair of shoes does—exactly—so we want to be as accurate as possible when selecting gear for you.


Grab a soft tape measure and a friend in the next two days to figure out your torso size [guide here], and email Shelley with the number of inches you get.

Other Details

Weather & Conditions

Since everybody is different, it’s up to YOU to check out the weather forecast and judge your personal comfort levels, and plan accordingly! Please use your own judgement when packing: if you’re always cold, pack heavier extra layers (i.e. leggings to go under pants). Keep an eye on the weather forecast for the area, which right now looks like this:

Sept 14-16 Yosemite Forecast


We're missing Trip Applicant Questionnaires from some Mavens! 


If you haven't completed your Trip Applicant Questionnaires yet, please do so in the next day so we can learn important stuff about you, and what you’re hoping to get out of this trip.

Our Posse


is a research scientist in San Francisco and likes baking, traveling, adventures, and reading murder mysteries.


is a professional violinist in the US military and teacher and works in the DC Area. She likes yoga, hiking and cooking.


is an Oakland based photographer, barista, and outdoors enthusiast who misses Southern California and her surfboard.

Becky (co-leader)

is a road tripper and professional word-wrangler who loves to travel, eat Mexican food, and go on hikes with her dog, Juno.



is an engineer from Toronto, Canada, who has never backpacked before, but loves to jump into things to try them out!


is a biomedical research scientist at UC Berkeley who loves to be outside, listen to podcasts, play tennis and foster kittens with her dog Nika.


works on climate change where she vacillates between having faith in humanity and crying at her desk. That is also the opening sentence to my online dating profiles. :)

Sarah Lee (guide)

is a cookie monster, bike advocate and massive hugger. She’s always down for an adventure, no matter how big or small.

Have any questions between now and our trip? Email