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Skill-based camping and backpacking trips for groups of extraordinary women. Ready to build fires, read maps, pitch tents, hike, laugh, and drink wine around the campfire? Join one of our weekend adventures.

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If you used something from your kit, you must fill out an Incident Report.
See 'Google Photos Instructions' in the Google Drive for details on how to do this.
See recap template here. Please Bcc and
All co-leaders have profiles available here. If something came up on the trip that you think requires some additional coaching/feedback from Bailey, please tag her in your comments. Include info that will be helpful to the next leader who works with them, especially since they may not have met! (Ex.: This was Jane's first backpacking trip, but she picked up stoves and tents super quickly. I bet she could teach those skills in the future. She has a great sense of humor which really livened up the conversation. Her hiking pace is a little slower than average.)
If you had a reimbursable expense, create a 'Receipts' folder inside your 'Trip Documentation' folder, and upload pics of receipts to this folder. See receipt upload/reimbursement how-to here.
Rather than editing the Venue Guide directly, simply 'comment' and tag In the Risk Management section, please tag also. Shelley and Maria will go through and incorporate comments into the text.
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Mileage will be reimbursed at rate of .54/mile.
Upload photos of receipts to 'Receipts' folder in Google Drive. If you don't have a receipt, create one by writing the date/time/cost/item on a slip of paper.
Qualitative Reflection
Please write a minimum of 3-4 sentences describing flow, fun, learning highlights, community, etc. Sasha has srs FOMO and really wants to know!
This section should include any event not further documented in Incident Reports.
It's ideal if these folks represent a diverse audience, you think they're a good writer, and they'd have a positive and interesting perspective to share. Please be sure to include a 'lead' for us to use when reaching out to them, i.e. "Mary was amazing! She's a mother of twelve and business owner who had never been backpacking before, and this trip was her way of reconnecting to herself."
This might be the same person you referenced above.