Trail Mavens


Skill-based camping and backpacking trips for groups of extraordinary women. Ready to build fires, read maps, pitch tents, hike, laugh, and drink wine around the campfire? Join one of our weekend adventures.

Trail Mavens is looking for a few good women
to serve as co-leaders on upcoming adventures.

about us

Trail Mavens was created to empower women to be the fire-starters, the tent-pitchers, and the map-readers, creating opportunities for adventure, leadership, and starry-night campfire conversation in the Great Outdoors.

We believe there are far too few opportunities for women to learn outdoor skills from other inspiring women; to learn those skills in a warm, supportive setting where mistakes are just fine; and to build authentic community where everyone has to chance to teach and learn something new.


about co-leaders

Trail Mavens co-leaders have some specific responsibilities on trips: you need to be ready to step in and lend a hand whenever needed, to go to bed last and wake up first, to motivate and support anyone who needs a little extra cheerleading, to teach skills you're confident in, to ask compelling questions, to be a great listener, and to inject your energy into the trip.

Before each adventure, you'll chat with your guide to hash out trip logistics and meet early to help pack; afterwards, you'll help unpack and complete a trip feedback form.


  • At-cost participation on Trail Mavens adventures you co-lead (generally $70 - $115)
  • Campsites and permits that *we* reserved seven months ago, so *you* don't have to
  • Serious hands-on leadership development on-trail
  • Ongoing off-trail professional development opportunities with fellow co-leaders and guides
  • Membership in a killer crew of women who make up our team
  • Reimbursement (up to $175) towards a WFA course when you co-lead four trips in a calendar year


  • Co-lead a minimum of four Trail Mavens adventures throughout the calendar year
  • Assist in overall group, gear, and time management with Trail Mavens guide
  • Teach skills to groups of 4-8 women (ex.: campfire building, site selection, Leave No Trace, topo map reading, gear care, trip planning, stove use, etc.)
  • Lead or co-facilitate team building activities and campfire conversations
  • Trip documentation (photography, GoPro filming, etc.)
  • Drive Trail Mavens or personal vehicles as needed
  • ~One hour pre-trip work: reviewing weekend logistics and participant information with Trail Mavens guide, vehicle packing
  • ~One hour post-trip work: unpacking, trip feedback form

Being a co-leader with Trail Mavens has helped me become the person I’ve always wanted to be: confident enough to share my knowledge with others, scrappy enough to figure out formulate a Plan B on the fly, and kind and open enough to save space for others to become their best person, too.
— Jennel McDonald, Co-Leader


  • Previous participation on a Trail Mavens adventure
  • Confident outdoorswoman with front- and backcountry wilderness experience
  • Excellent leadership, teaching, and facilitation skills
  • Enthusiasm, energy, positive attitude, and serious ability to roll with the punches


  • Wilderness leadership experience
  • Knowledge of local state and national parks
  • A secret talent (photography/yoga/meditation/writing/improv) to teach/share with the group
  • A flexible schedule, or enough vacation days that you could take a Friday off and go backpacking on the Lost Coast or in Yosemite

other good stuff about you

  • You notice what needs to be done, and step in to do it
  • People have told you how easy you are to talk to
  • You relate easily to all kinds of people

Still reading? Here's what's next:

  1. Complete the Co-Leader Application below.
  2. Trail Mavens will be in touch to set up an in-person chat, and we'll provide all the details about the remainder of the process.
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Note that you must have previous experience as a Trail Mavens trip participant to apply as a co-leader.
Ex.: First Aid, CPR, WFA, WFR, WEMT.