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Skill-based camping and backpacking trips for groups of extraordinary women. Ready to build fires, read maps, pitch tents, hike, laugh, and drink wine around the campfire? Join one of our weekend adventures.

calling all photographers

Do you own a nice camera and know how to use it?

Trail Mavens is seeking badass female photographers to come on our trips at a 15-20% discount, and take gorgeous pictures for us to use on social media and our website.  We’re pumped to have you put your artistic skills to use capturing the magic of your Trail Mavens experience. 

Check out our FAQ for details on this role. If you read it and think you're a good fit, apply at the bottom of this page.

what kind of discount do i get?

We'd love to offer you 15-20% off the cost of any Trail Mavens trip. Wahoo!

If you've taken photos on a previous Trail Mavens trip and we loved your work, we're happy to extend this discount up to 40%.


You rarely have your camera on 'Auto' mode, because you're a master of manual settings and can adjust aperture and shutter speed in a flash to get the shot you want. You've spent time in the outdoors before, and are familiar with the unique challenges and awesome benefits of working with live subjects in natural light. Your equipment is high-quality enough to produce photos with dreamy bokeh effect. You're able to capture the feeling of a moment in a still frame. You've likely done some paid work as a photographer before, and you might have a healthy Instagram following (1K+), too.

Finally, you're able to do all those things without  taking yourself out of the moment too much. As a Trail Mavens photographer, don’t think of yourself like a regular event photographer, flitting around on the periphery of the action. You're a part of the trip and part of the group; you just happen to be the member of the group with a nice digital camera, and the talent to use it. You're able to balance being in community with noticing when a great shot is happening, turning your camera on, and capturing that moment.

How many photos is Trail Mavens looking for?

Post-trip, we’d like you to delivery a minimum of thirty edited, high-res proofs. We'd love the second selects, as well; you just don’t have to spend as much time on those.

What’s the timeline on and method of delivery?

Please delivery photos via Google Photos within a week of your trip end date.

Where will my photos be used?

We’ll primarily post your pictures on social media (Instagram, Facebook, and occasionally Twitter). Depending on what you capture, we may also use your images on the Trail Mavens website, as a header image for a particular trip.

How will I be credited for my photos?

We’ll tag you on social media whenever we post your photos; just make sure we have your handle!

Who owns my photos after the trip?

You do! Please post them to your personal photography website and social media channels - we’ll be doing the same. We only ask that you mention @trailmavens somewhere in your comment.

What kind of photos is Trail Mavens looking for?

We’re looking for photos that capture what it feels like to be on a Trail Mavens trip. In terms of aesthetic, the photos on our website are a great guide. Most should be candid, with the exception of group photos. These images we love typically fall into several different categories (click on each gallery to enlarge images).


Shots of the group hiking and exploring.


Shots of the group learning new skills.


Shots of the group relaxing, cooking, and hanging out around camp.


Shots that capture the beauty of our trip destinations.


Shots that capture the beauty of our Mavens.


Shots of the whole posse together.


Because you never know what's going to come up.

Whew, you made it to the bottom of the page. Nice work! Apply below, and we'll be in touch within a week.

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