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Candidate Exercise

Social Media & Content Maven


If you're reading this, it means we already think you're awesome. Now, we'd love to see you in action! It's time to get creative...

We've created this exercise to gauge your aptitude in a few key areas that we think are critical for this position. Namely, your ability to think strategically, your knowledge of social media tools and processes, and your overall creativity!


Please complete the following assignment and email your final solution as a PDF to by Sunday, August 13th at 11:59PM PST. 


Create a Mini Social Media Campaign for the following Trail Mavens trip!


Trip: Yosemite Camping

Dates: August 11-13, 2017

Registration Opens: June 1, 2017

Trip Leader: Sasha Cox

Venue: Lower Pines Campground in Yosemite Valley

Max Participants: 8 plus guide and co-leader

Itinerary: See the trip sales page.

Your Social Media Campaign Plan should include...


Outline what you plan for this mini-campaign to achieve.


What would you measure in order to determine the success of the campaign as related to your goals?


Over what period of time would your campaign take place, and why? **Don't worry if this means you have to "go back in time", since the example trip we're using is actually this weekend! 

Your Editorial Calendar:

Lay out the schedule for all social media activity you would engage in for this campaign. Your calendar can include as many posts as you think appropriate/effective. You’ll be asked to actually create three of them (see the next section for requirements), but for any additional posts, simply give a brief description of what it would be (i.e. “blog post about topic XYZ”, “share article about topic ABC on Twitter”, etc.).

Your calendar can be a table, a written list, or a legible screen shot (if you use an external tool/application). Be as specific as possible: create the calendar you would actually use if you were responsible for executing it.

Three Creatives:

Create three items from your editorial calendar, specifically:

  1.  One Facebook Post
  2.  One Instagram Post
  3.  One Email Blast (to be sent to people who signed up to be notified about the trip)

Elements to include for each creative:

  • Visual elements (photos and/or graphics)

  • Copy (be sure to include all relevant copy - headings, body copy, and calls to action where applicable)

  • Audience Targeting (at least five categories - can be interests, demographics, or both)

  • Hashtags and/or handles to include

A Brief Summary

Give us a recap of your plan, using this section as an opportunity to explain the reasons for some of your decisions. If this Mini Social Media Campaign were a product you were trying to sell to us, what would make us want to buy it?

Additional Resources

We encourage you to tap into all resources you can find. Here are a few that may come in handy. You may use any element from these resources that you would like, including photos and other media (please don't redistribute photos - use only for this assignment). You're also welcome to use your own media, or open-source media. If you need something that isn't here, feel free to email Shelley to ask!