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Skill-based camping and backpacking trips for groups of extraordinary women. Ready to build fires, read maps, pitch tents, hike, laugh, and drink wine around the campfire? Join one of our weekend adventures.

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The Outdoors
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Trail Mavens will provide the following if you don't own your own. Please indicate what you need supplied, if anything.
Fun fact: a sleeping bag should 'fit' you the way a jacket does!
Please rate your abilities in the following skills. *
Please rate your abilities in the following skills.
I can pitch a tent.
I know and can implement 'Leave No Trace' principles.
I know how to light and use a variety of camp stoves.
I can read a trail map.
I can light and safely extinguish a campfire.
Health, Safety, and Diet
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Emergency Contact Name
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Emergency Contact Number
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Birth control is obviously fine; we're thinking more along the lines of insulin or an epi pen. Please be sure to bring and take any daily medications as usual on this trip.
Ex. coffee, coffee with milk, green tea, OJ, etc.
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