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Thank you for your interest in this position! Please complete the application form below, and then send a current resume to Use subject header 'Program Management Maven 2017.'

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Please be as specific as possible. Have you applied for and maintained CUAs at parks in the past? Have you done organizational trip planning? Etc.
Hello, Trail Mavens, I'm Monica, 51, and I joined your Meetup Group a while back. I've been watching your posts, and thinking about trying backpacking. I like the ideal of it, but I'm uncertain if I'm up for it physically. I hike (day hikes, a couple of hours) regularly (weekly), but without a pack. Usually about 5-7 miles, with varied terrain. I do light weightlifting, but I would classify myself as "wimpy". Added to that, I'm vertically challenged and have to hustle to keep up with my long-legged friends! Anyway, aside from the physical challenge, I'm also diet challenged. I'm pretty OCD about what I put in my body, and try to avoid/limit eating anything with sugar, artificial sweetener or grains/starches. So basically, I'm excited about the thought of meeting like-minded nature-loving women, learning about backpacking and hopefully doing many more trips, but unsure about my fitness level and diet issues. Also wondering about the temperature in Yosemite in mid-September... cold? I'd like to get some more information, like, how much weight should I expect to be packing, what type of food do you typically have, what should I bring to wear that time of year, and will I be able to keep up with the taller, fitter ladies, haha. Curious and hopeful, Monica
Participant A lives in Napa and has a car. Participant B lives in Los Gatos and has a car. Participant C lives in SF and is willing to rent a car. Participant D lives in SF and needs a ride. Participant E lives in SF and needs a ride. Participant F lives in SF and needs a ride. Participant G lives in El Cerrito and needs a ride. Participant H is from Portland, but is staying with friends in Berkeley the night before the trip.