Trail Mavens


Skill-based camping and backpacking trips for groups of extraordinary women. Ready to build fires, read maps, pitch tents, hike, laugh, and drink wine around the campfire? Join one of our weekend adventures.

Trail mavens needs one outstanding human
to set the stage for each adventure we run


Trail Mavens empowers women to be the fire-starters, the tent-pitchers, and the map-readers, creating opportunities for adventure, leadership, and starry-night campfire conversation in the Great Outdoors. We believe there are far too few opportunities for women to learn outdoor skills from other inspiring women; to learn those skills in a warm, supportive setting where mistakes are just fine; and to build authentic community where everyone has the chance to teach and learn something new. Our culture thrives on learning, inclusion, campfires, conversation, wine, and marshmallows.

We're looking for an amazing candidate - maybe you? - to lead logistics for our weekend adventures, managing all supplies and food inventory.  You're the eyes/arms/legs that sets the stage for every trip to run without a hitch.

This role is critical to the creation of utterly memorable experiences for our trip participants, many of whom experience wilderness for the first time with us.


This position requires between 5 and 10 flexible hours/week. It'll generally be on the lower end, though the precise number is dependent on how much cleanup/drying/repair needs to be done, and (mostly) on how efficient you are.

  • Manage cleaning, drying, repair, and inventory of Trail Mavens gear and supplies week-to-week (think: fixing broken tents, running dishes through the wash, restocking and organizing our gear bins, and generally making everything look good as new between trips)
  • Plan, purchase, and pack mouth-watering camping and backpacking meals catering to a variety of dietary restrictions and palates
  • Review participant logistics and prepare printed trip documentation in advance of each adventure
  • Communicate with Trail Mavens management
  • Support the Bay Area Trail Mavens community with your presence at weekend hikes and events


  • Meticulous organization and attention to detail (you probably find labeling, sorting, and cleaning deeply satisfying)
  • An eye for efficiency and minimizing waste (it drives you crazy if someone opens a new jar of peanut butter at home when there's a half-used one already open)
  • Front- and backcountry outdoor gear knowledge (i.e. you're not afraid to disassemble and clean a Whisperlite because you've done it already, and you've probably put together a tasty backpacking meal or two in your day)
  • Comfort working very independently
  • A flexible schedule (your time is mostly your own, and you're free to come to the storage unit early each week to pick up gear; late each week to drop it off for the next trip; or run to REI or Safeway for some last-minute fuel canisters or a loaf of gluten-free bread)
  • SF or East Bay resident, as this position requires going to our storage unit in Emeryville twice a week or more
  • Must own or have easy access to: a car (to schlep gear), outdoor space (to dry gear), and ideally a dishwasher (to wash pots and pans post-trip)

compensation & perks

  • $125 for each camping trip, and $150 for each backpacking/kayaking trip prepared (total monthly earnings are typically $500+, dependent on the number and type of trips scheduled)
  • Gear discounts and access to free swag and food on as-available basis
  • A flexible work schedule and culture that values you as a whole person
  • Access to abundant professional and personal development opportunities, with mentorship from Trail Mavens leadership
  • Female applicants are welcome to heavily discounted or free participation on Trail Mavens adventures on a space-available basis

Benefits package not included.